Encouraging Children to Be Good Explorers and Learners

Parenting Thoughts

What do my children need to become good explorers snd learners?
  1. Plenty of opportunities to explore.
  2. To clearly understand their responsibilities as explorers. It’s OK to jump around from activity to activity, but jumping out in the middle is not OK. For example:
    • if you pay the money and make the time to support their latest lessons in something, they are responsible for finishing all the lessons paid for. They can jump out of the activity at the next sign up, but not in the middle of what they have already started.
    • If they become a member of a team, they need to meet their “promise” to their team members and not ruin the experience for others by jumping out. Again, they can jump off the team at the end of a season and never join again, but not in the middle.
  3. Eventually, kids will settle into activities that they are good at and that spark their dreams and imagination. Then, your job as a parent is to help them develop those skills and talents. See How Kids Learn a Skill.
Inspired by A VIOLIN FOR ELVA by Mary Lyn Ray
For more information about kids and exploration see:
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