How to Love a Child

Parenting Thoughts

When you love your child …

  1. You let your children know that they are loved, regardless of what they can do
    or not do and regardless of how well they can do things. This is unconditional love. But, this way of loving a child is not enough to help your child grow into a healthy adult.
  2. Also let your children know that they are capable of doing the things necessary to get along in the world. Being able to DO things is an important part of love at its best.
In other words, love is hugs, kisses, enjoyment, safe, warm, fuzzy, and unconditional. Love is also sturdy. It teaches and expects things – skills and good behavior. Loving children requires both parts of love, hopefully in equal amounts.
For more information about kids’ self-esteem:
And Calm Fell Over the Household

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