Back-to-School: How Was School Today?

As frustrating as it might be, your children are in charge of how much and what they will share about what school is like for them on any given day.

Children may open up more if parents and caregivers limit how much questioning they do about the school day.

“How was school today?” can be too big of a question. Because a child just doesn’t know where to start with the answer to such a big and wide question, the answer might be one that gives no information at all. For example, “Fine” is the answer adults are way too often getting as an answer to “How was school today?”

A more specific question might work better. You could try one or two of these (not all of them):

  • What was lunch like?
  • What was recess like?
  • What was the bus ride like?
  • What was one thing you liked at school today?
  • What was one thing you wish was different at school today?

If your children don’t give details about school, let it go. Give them a chance to own their experience and not have to share every single thing.

Just make sure they know you are available to talk – anytime – about anything.

What do you think?

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