The Dangers of Too Much

Children may think, act, and say they want to be the center of the universe and be taken care of – like storybook princesses and princes – but children that are treated this way are in danger of not being happy, healthy, or successful kids.  And, in danger of not being happy, healthy, or successful adults either.
When kids are given too much stuff or too much freedom or have too much done for them, they often grow to worry about whether someone will always be there to take care of them. They worry about whether they will be able to take care of themselves as they grow older.
These kids can have trouble finding things about themselves that they can be proud of. They can have real trouble being satisfied with what they have and find themselves always chasing after more and more. They are never satisfied. They can spend a lifetime looking for happiness and ending up just confused about why they can’t find it.
How can you steer them away from these dangers?
Make sure they are learning:
  1. To do things that can help them become more and more independent (for examples, how to get along with others, dress themselves, pack a lunch, brush their teeth, and do well at school)
  2. What the rules of life are
  3. What the consequences are for not following the rules
  4. They can make up for things they do wrong
  5. They can get back into good graces when they mess up

What do you think?

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