If Your Child Suffers from Storybook Princess-itis or Prince-itis…

Ways to avoid storybook “princess-itis” and “prince-itis.”
  1. Appreciate your children for just being who they are no matter what they can and can’t do.
  2. Appreciate your children for learning those skills that make them able to take care of themselves. For ideas about appreciation messages, see And Calm Fell Over the Household and First Days of School.
  3. Teach your children what it means to have “enough.”
  4. Allow your children to feel all of their feelings, including sadness, anger, or fear.
  5. Give your children choices like what to wear or what to have for a snack but do not give them the power to make family decisions like where to eat, where to vacation, or where people should sit at the dinner table.
  6. Make sure your children know that there are consequences for their actions.
  7. Give your children chores to do and give them consequences for not doing them. For ideas, see PICK UP YOUR SOCKS by Elizabeth Crary.
  8. Make sure your children are getting all of their needs met but not necessarily all of their wants. For the difference, see Needs Vs Wants (12-13-13).
  9. Let your children know that they are still loved even when they make mistakes and show them how they can make up for mistakes they make.

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