2022: A Time for Change

2022 is here. It is a new year with new opportunities. This is a good time to remind ourselves that
it is possible to decide to do things differently with our children. That means children can make changes and that means parents can make changes.
Children are very flexible. If parents decide to act differently, their children will almost always change their behavior too. But not overnight. And, sometimes a child’s behavior will be more difficult before it gets better. Children like to test out whether you really mean what you are doing and saying.
It always takes time for both parents and children to adjust to new ways of acting. But, if parents  decide they want to parent differently about some things, the message is, “Go for it!” This blog is all about becoming the parent you want to be. So, make whatever changes you think you should, hang in there, be sure of yourself, and celebrate as you gradually see the changes you are going for – in yourself and in your kids.

What do you think?

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