What Is a Good Bedtime?

Many experts recommend that 5-year-olds need 10-13 hours of sleep per day. That includes naps. Grade schoolers need 9-12 hours per night.
Knowing these general recommendations, finding what is just right for your child is a matter of trial and error. Here are some questions to help you figure that out.
Is he waking up alert and ready to go in the morning?
Is he dragging (or even falling asleep) later in the day – even after a nutritious snack?
Is she out-of-sorts and unable to control herself through the day?
Remember that nutrition has a lot to do with the answers to these questions, so be sure your child is getting enough protein snacks through the day with limited sugar snacks. But, if your child’s nutrition is good and the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then try adding more sleep time, starting with just 30 minutes more and seeing if it helps.
Napping late in the day can work against bedtime. Planning to do an activity with your child late in the day may keep him awake until bedtime and make it easier for him to go to sleep 30 minutes earlier.

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