Welcome to our ADULT LIFE DECISIONS Series. These posts are about the adults in the lives of children because children deserve caring, healthy adults taking care of them. It is designed to help adults become more aware of their own potential as they strive to make the best lives possible for themselves and their children. Each posting will explore life decisions adults are faced with and how they can update those decisions to be sure they are helpful to them in their current life circumstances. 


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READ FIRST the earlier post:  Recycling
This post outlines eight different types of life decisions that continuously present themselves throughout the lives of adults. The circumstances of your life right now may be pulling you to recycle one of these decision areas currently.

1.  Decisions about whether you can get your needs met through your relationships, community involvement, and/or work settings. In other words, are there people in your life that you can trust to be there for you, if you need them?
2.  Decisions about whether you will respond to your natural curiosity and have an adventuresome spirit. To what degree will you be willing to explore your world with all of its risks and unknowns. In other words, will you add new knowledge, skills, and excitement to your life by trying new things?

3.  Decisions about whether you will think for yourself. In other words, will you accept that your thoughts, feelings, and wants are important?


4.  Decisions about how to live, work, and play with others in ways that are helpful and satisfying for you. In other words, will you figure out who your authentic self is and how you are alike and different from others in your world?


5.  Decisions about whether you will be skillful, productive, and responsible. In other words, will you see yourself as a capable, responsible person who can be successful in your world?

6.  Decisions about whether you can survive separations and changes in your life. In the face of the loss of a person, place, job, health, etc., who will you become? In other words, will you see yourself as still capable of getting along in the world and have people in your life that you can depend on if you need to?


7.  Decisions about whether you are living the life you want to live. In other words, what will you decide you want to accomplish in life and what you are deeply committed to?


8.  Decisions about whether you are satisfied with how you have lived your life. In other words, how will you complete your life purposes and pass on your personal qualities, knowledge, and abilities to the next generation?
You are likely recycling one or more of these life decision areas at this time in your life. Do you think any of them are a fit for you right now? Next week’s post will walk you through a possible answer to this question.
This posting is inspired by and adapted from Jean Illsley Clarke’s copyrighted books. Do not distribute or duplicate without permission.

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