Below is my post, TAKING INITIATIVE. Also see my SPECIAL MESSAGE TO MY READERS about changes in my blog this year.
It’s OK to have ideas and be the first to share or put them into action.
To test this out: Start something this week. Make a suggestion in a meeting.  Do a task because you believe it needs to be done rather than because you are directed to do it. Create something from an idea that is all yours. Draw something; bake something; write something.
Afterwards, think about how it felt. Think about how taking initiative can improve your life.
Think about how you can help children you care about take initiative even though it might be challenging to let them express their own ideas that are different from yours, which may include them saying no to lots of things. This does not mean letting them do whatever they want. It means letting them express their ideas and wants while still requiring them to do what is expected of them.

What do you think?

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