Your Child Can Think for Himself (2-25-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

DECIDE:           Your child has his own ideas.

PRACTICE:       Make up stories with your child today.

Pick a subject – the first day of summer, a snow blizzard, a trip to the zoo, etc.

Each of you take turns telling a story about the same subject. Talk about how your stories are alike. Talk about how your stories are different.

Take notes about your child’s story. Or, if your child is old enough have him write his own story – with you helping him as needed.

Today’s Parenting Tip was inspired by our featured picture book, MR. ZINGER’S HAT.  Read the book to a child in your life each day as a reminder of what you are deciding and practicing that day.

Come back each day for another good parenting decision and how to practice it. (Each day’s activity will also be posted on the Daily Parenting Tips page for easy access.)

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