Below is my post, ANY FEELINGS CAN BE GOOD OR BAD. Also see my SPECIAL MESSAGE TO MY READERS about changes in my blog this year.
Your reaction to a feeling is what makes it good or bad.

To test this out this week: Make a ledger on a piece of paper.  Label one side “Good” and the other side “Bad.”
On the “Bad” side, write a note about a time you were angry and did something you wish you hadn’t. On the “Good” side, write a note about a time when anger motivated you to take action to  solve a problem.
Repeat for other feelings (happy, sad, scared, excited, etc.).  See if you can write about 10 different feelings.
When done, celebrate all the times that a feeling resulted in something good. Also, think about how you can avoid letting your feelings lead you to do something you will regret. Remember that you are in control of your feelings.
If the children you care about are old enough, share with them one of your examples and explain that how you reacted made the feeling end up being good instead of bad.


What do you think?

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