Below is my post, WHAT OTHERS SAY MATTERS. Also see my SPECIAL MESSAGE TO MY READERS about changes in my blog this year.
How we interact with others is influenced by things we have heard about ourselves, starting at a very early age. The things we hear become so much a part of us that we don’t even realize we are still reacting to them. It is as though we are always looking into a mirror. We decide who we are by what we see and hear in that mirror coming from others around us. 
This week, think of five things you often heard said about yourself at any age as a child or an adult.  Write them down.
How many that you wrote are negative?  How many are positive?
Shut the negative ones tightly in a box with a lid. Don’t read them ever again. Destroy them.  Stomp on them.  Get rid of them.  Get them out of your house and hopefully out of your mind completely.
Post the positive ones where you can see them often and going forward be more aware that you have the power to decide what things you see and hear in that mirror are helpful to you and which are not.

What do you think?

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