Five Interesting Things about Babies

Parenting Thoughts

Not everyone knows that …

  1. You can communicate with babies – keep talking to, patting, and holding babies you care about.
  2. Babies can communicate with you – when they are fussy, keep trying different responses (holding, changing, feeding, etc.) until you get the baby’s message.
  3. Babies make “decisions” about themselves, those taking care of them, and the world around them – important decisions. For example, babies are deciding whether they can trust you to take care of them.
  4. Babies store the “decisions” they make deep inside them, and those “decisions” stick with them for a long, long time. If babies decide they can trust you; they will also decide to trust others when they are older.
  5. The “decisions” that babies make influence the decisions and actions they take throughout their life. If babies learn that the world is an OK place; they can find joy in life forever.
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