Three Important Questions About Babies

How do I communicate with babies I care about?

  • Talk to them, pat them, and hold them. This is the same as having a conversation with them.

When babies communicate with me by crying or being restless how do I know what they are wanting?

  • It’s OK if you don’t get the message right away. Keep trying different responses (holding, changing, feeding, rocking, etc.). When they become calm you know you got the message.

What do babies think about?

  • In the first six months they are making very important “decisions” about themselves, their caregivers, and the world around them. They begin to figure out whether they can trust that if they cry out someone will respond and take care of them. They are learning to trust that they can communicate their needs and that someone will respond.

What are the long-range effects of showing babies that they can safely trust adults to take care of them?

  • The early “decisions” babies make about trusting others will stick with them for a long, long time. If babies decide they can trust their caregivers early in life, they will likely also decide to trust themselves and others when they are older.
  • When babies (as well as people of all ages) deeply believe that the world is a safe place, they can find joy in life because they are sure they will have their needs met.