Danger: Doing Too Much (11-3-15)

Today’s Parenting Reminder:

Doing too much for your kids is the same thing as loving them with dangerous strings attached.

How much do you do for your child? Is it the right amount for her age and maturity?

Consider the amount of attention you give her and how involved you are in everything she does. Do you do things for her that she should do on her own?

Do you often save her from being distressed or frustrated? Do you give her what you think she needs even before she asks

Are you trying too hard to make her love you?

(These signs of doing too much for children are taken from HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson and David Bredehofts.)

If you decide that you do too much for your kids, remember you are doing it out of love, but also remember that you can balance that love. You can do what your kids truly need but not more than they need.

You can make the adjustments you think you should and balance your love.

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Next Parenting Reminder will be on November 5, 2015 (Daily Parenting Tips).

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