Two More Holiday Gift Ideas

Parenting Thought:


Select two containers that will mean something to your children.  For example, a container that is a special shape (football, tiera, lego, soccer ball), one that is a favorite team’s colors, or one that is covered with bling.

Label one container: JUST YOU. Label the other: DOING THINGS.

In the JUST YOU container put slips of paper telling them what you love about them. For example, how fun it is to be with them or how kind you think they are.

In the DOING THINGS container, put slips of paper telling them all the things they do really well. For example, they do their chores well or are great at math.


Give a two-for-one gift. In other words, give two of the same thing. 

When you give your children twin gifts, explain that one is for them and the other is to give to someone else – to share. 

One thing that helps children learn to share is knowing that they have enough. 

Your children will have one of their own. So, they should be very able to share their second one and feel those good feelings that go with sharing.


The Holiday Season is upon us. Thinking about what traditions are important in your family? See Holiday Traditions: A Review.


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