What Is Good about Saying “No”

Monday’s Parenting Thought

What is good about saying no?

  1. It’s a sign that children (and adults) know what they need.
  2. It’s a sign that children are beginning to think for themselves (and adults are confidently thinking for themselves).
  3. It is a sign that children are learning how to be persistent (and adults are determined to meet their goals).

It is true that children can be difficult during their “no” stage, but we want them to learn to be persistent and able to persevere in life, don’t we?

So all of you parents that are in that “no” stage with your children, remember:

  1. Don’t overreact to the “no,” just calmly require that your children do as they are expected.
  2. Keep focused on the plus side of “no” –  your children are practicing the independence and determination they will need to fight peer pressure and be confident adults.

For more about persistence, see “Grit.”


Inspired by the picture book, MORRIS THE ARTIST.
More about children and shopping at The Benefits of Art, Choices, and Discipline: Part II.

What do you think?

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