Be Angry or Give In When a Child Says “No”?

Monday’s Parenting Thought

When a 2- or 3-year-old child shows you he has a mind of his own with a loud and determined “No!” which of these apply to you?

  1. I get angry.
  2. I think, “He should have more respect for me.”
  3. I think, “Saying “no” to an adult is not acceptable.”
  4. I am afraid of what’s coming next.
  5. I think, “I better give in, so there won’t be a tantrum.”

Neither angry nor “giving in” reactions are best for kiddos. For better responses, see Four Things to Do When Your Child Says “No”

When children say “no,” you can be glad they are thinking for themselves and still stand your ground and require that they do what you expect.

Inspired by the picture book, MORRIS THE ARTIST.
More about children and shopping at The Benefits of Art, Choices, and Discipline: Part II.

What do you think?

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