Say No to “Invisible” Responsibilities

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Don’t let your household be filled with “invisible” responsibilities. An invisible responsibility is a duty or chore that an adult has but never really lets the children know about it.*
Does your child really know all that you do to provide him with a cozy room, clean clothes in his drawers, a comfortable and warm house, fun summer vacations, etc.? Too many parents and caretakers keep things running smoothly without ever explaining or showing the effort it takes on their part. It is important to make clear to children that adults have lots of responsibilities and that their doing those things makes life much nicer for everyone in the family.
It is also a good idea to explain to children that adult “chores” are sometimes hard to do. There are days that adults just don’t want to do their chores. But, they do, because they know their responsibilities are important.
Ask your children what it would be like if you didn’t cook dinner, wash the clothes, or earn your paycheck by going to work? Explain that you are proud of yourself for doing these things and being a responsible person.
*“Invisible” responsibilities can also be tasks you take on at work that your supervisors don’t really know you do.
Inspired by PICK UP A PUP  by Marsha Wilson Hall
More about responsibility at Kids and Pets: The Basics and Kids and Pets: More about Responsibility, Love, Independence, and Loss


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