What Children Learn from Pets

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Pets give children attention enthusiastically. Regardless of mistakes a child may make – pulling a tail, forgetting a meal, or showing up late – he or she can still depend on being accepted by the pet. This is comforting for the child. This tells the child that he or she is a likeable person. Pets give children a chance to learn more about both giving and getting love with no strings attached.
Two ways you can spotlight these great messages that pets give so easily:
  1. When you see a pet showing your children attention or affection, talk to them about how great it feels, how often you see it happening, and how they can always count on it.
  2. When your children are showing attention or affection to a pet, talk to them about how great it is that they know how to do just what the pet likes and how they can also learn what people like and do special things for them as well.
Inspired by PICK A PUP  by Marsha Wilson Hall
More about responsibility at Kids and Pets: The Basics and Kids and Pets: More about Responsibility, Love, Independence, and Loss

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