Three Life Lessons Kids Learn from Pets

Monday’s Parenting Thought
1.  You can’t control others; you can only control yourself.
Children often expect to control a pet. They want the pet to do what they want it to do when they want it to do it. But, they quickly learn that the pet has a mind of its own.
2.  Rules help people live and work together.
Pets are taught to be quiet and not make messes because both people and pets have to follow house rules. That is part of living and working together.
3.  What you need may be different from what others need.
Pets have their own needs, likes, and dislikes. For example, some pets will have a favorite person in the household. That requires children to accept the pet’s
independence. It also teaches children that with being in that “favorite” position comes more responsibility for feeding, walking, cleaning, and meeting the pet’s needs.
Inspired by PICK A PUP by Marsha Wilson Chall
More about pets and life lessons at Kids and Pets: The Basics  and Kids and Pets: More about Responsibility, Love, Independence, and Loss.

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