Make Your Child Laugh Today.

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Want to make your child laugh?
Depending on the age of your children:
  • Play peek-a-boo.
  • Make funny faces
  • Wear your clothes in a funny way.
  • Make up silly words like ooey gooey, bug-a-boo, squiggly wiggley.
  • Add a fun word to a name like Jumping Jane, Gabby Abby, Willy Nilly, Smart Marty, Clean Jean.
  • Make unusual sounds or change your voice making it higher or lower.
  • Walk backwards
  • Put a hat on upside down.
  • Pretend you need a band-aid for a freckle or for a scratch on the car.
  • When your kids try to make you laugh ( for example, with knock-knock jokes), laugh with them – funny or not.
Inspired by DOCTOR TED by Andrea Beaty
More about children and humor at: Make-Believe and Funny: Two Good Things

What do you think?

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