When Should Children Start Thinking about Careers?

Parenting Thoughts

Is it a good idea for young children to think and talk about what they want to do or be when they grow up?
In the past, many have said “no” to that question. They ask, “How do you know children won’t decide early they want to be a nurse, stay on that path, get educated, and then realize they really want to be a professional golfer?” They talk about how many adults are unhappy in their jobs because they settled on them too early in life.
Today, many more say “yes” to that question. They explain that children today will have multiple careers in their lifetimes. That is what our fast-changing world demands these days. Future workers may have as many as half a dozen different careers in their lifetimes.
Because of these changes in the work world, we can look at the early interests and talents of children  as important first steps to possibly a first career while also being steppingstones to many other different careers as well. Being able to combine an early first interest with more and more interests down the road will only make a person more valuable and successful over time.
“Nurse Andy” can learn a lot about medicine in that first career and still become a great golfer in a second career by using what he or she knows about the human body, health, and wellness to become an even better golfer. Or, the opposite is also true. The knowledge gained as a golfer could enhance a person’s later career as a nurse.
Inspired by THE ART LESSON by Tomie dePaola
For more information about kids and careers:  How Kids Learn a Skill

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