Four Things to Know about Discipline

  1. Adults do not always have to make up a “punishment to fit the crime.”
  2. Sometimes the “crime” creates its own consequence that can be just what is needed to teach the child. For
    example, when children won’t get dressed for school on time and miss the bus, they have to walk to school – this might cause them to be on time the next day.
  3. Discipline is more than having rules. No matter how good the rules are, there is no such thing as good discipline unless they also have consequences that go with them – consequences that the children know about ahead of time. “If you leave your yard, you won’t be able to play outside until I am sure you can follow the rule.”
  4. Consequences are a chance to teach children that they can make mistakes, learn from them, and still be loved.
(See Sticking to the Rules for more information about consequences.)


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