Four Ways to Encourage Persistence in Young Children

How to encourage persistent in young children
1.      When their persistence is all about having their own way (as in having a temper tantrum), hold the line on rules. However, in calmer moments find ways for them to think for themselves and be persistent. For example, give them choices about what to wear, have for lunch, game they want to play.
2.      Don’t jump in and “help” them when they are frustrated trying to solve a problem. Let them struggle so they can practice persistence (for example, struggle to put puzzles together, reach for toys, open a box, etc.).
3.      Let them struggle until they are successful and can see that determination pays off. Celebrate with them when it does pay-off.
4.      Encourage persistence by letting them learn to do things for themselves (for example, to turn a toy on and off, fix a snack, tie their shoes, etc.).
(See Teaching Kids to Wait – Part 2 for more about persistence.)


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