Walking in Your Children’s Shoes

There comes a time when children begin to think for themselves – when they see themselves as more and more separate form their parents with their own ideas, wants, and needs. We usually see this at around age two, early school-age, and early teens.
Imagine for a moment what this is like for them. We all need to develop our own mind and know what we need – adults and children.
How good at that are you? I know plenty of adults who are so used to not thinking for themselves that they often end up in all sorts of situations that are bad for them. Or, they can’t make any decisions with confidence because they have denied what they need for so long that they truly don’t even know what they need anymore.
Knowing that so many adults don’t know their own minds and can’t look out for themselves is proof enough that we need to find ways to encourage children to learn to think for themselves and know what they want and don’t want – in acceptable ways, of course. This awareness on their part will be especially helpful to them once peer pressure comes into their lives. It will make them better decision-makers. It will help them develop confidence in their ideas and determination for achieving their goals. Aren’t all these things what you want for your children?

What do you think?

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