Let’s Get Ready for School

Because August and September are school-starting months, our posts in these months will focus on things you can do to help your child get a good start at school this year. Below are three starters.
  1. Think about your school experience. Think about a specific grade in elementary, middle, or high school. Why did you pick that grade? Was it a great year or a not-so-great year? Why? Looking back, what made it great or what would have made it better? Is there anything about that year that is like what your child will experience in school this year? How can you help your child have a great year like you did, or how could you help your child avoid any of the problems you might have had in school?
  2. Think about the first days of school. What were your first days of school like? What were the first days like for your child’s older brother or sister? Share these experiences with your child along with tips for making going back to school easier.
  3. Play the “What If” game. How? You make up situations, and then take turns suggesting what to do in the situation. “What If” encourages a child to think about what he should do in certain situations. Take turns describing school situations (“What if you have trouble finding your classroom?”). Take turns coming up with suggestions.

What do you think?

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