Below is my post, SAYING “NO.”  Also see my SPECIAL MESSAGE TO MY READERS about changes in my blog this year.
How much do you believe it is OK to say “no”?     
To test this out: for the rest of this week, practice saying “no thanks” when you think you should.  Perhaps it is turning down an invitation, saying no to yourself about eating or drinking, allowing yourself to do something for yourself instead of someone else, etc.
Be sure to:
  1. Say your “no’s” respectfully whether you are speaking to yourself or others.
  2. Think through why saying no in each situation is the right thing for you to do.
  3. Prepare yourself for any consequences for saying no (someone being upset with you, guilt feelings, etc.).
At the end of the week, think about your “no thanks” experiences and figure out what you learned from them and how you want to apply those lessons going forward.
If the children you care about are old enough, share your insights about saying “no” this week.

What do you think?

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