Responsibility “To” Not “For” Your Child

Monday’s Parenting Thought
What does it mean to be responsible “for” your children?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici\Free Digital

  1. You are embarrassed by your child’s bad behavior.
  2. You think others are judging you as a bad parent, if your child misbehaves.
  3. You think you are a failure, when your child doesn’t do what you taught him to do.
  4. You think you should and can control what your child does.
  5. You believe your child’s bad behavior is your fault.
What does it mean to be responsible “to” your children?
  1. You do the best parenting you can (including learning more about children, yourself, and parenting – like you are doing by reading this blog).
  2. If your children behave badly (tantrums, saying “no,” breaking rules, etc.), you realize you need to go to work to learn more and to try new ways to teach your children to behave better.


Inspired by the picture book, MORRIS THE ARTIST.
More about discipline at The Benefits of Art, Choices, and Discipline: Part III

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