Who Your Children Are Becoming

Monday’s Parenting Thought
There is hope even when your children’s behavior is a challenge.  Their behavior can mean they are working toward something good, and they can get there with your guidance.
Here are three examples.
  • No-saying and resistance is the start of their becoming determined and thinking for themselves.
  • Trying things that are not always safe, touching everything, and starting lots of things but not necessarily finishing anything are the start of their being interested in lots of things and wanting to learn about those things.
  • Being sneaky, tricky, wimpy, or acting like bullies in order to test how people react to them are the start of their figuring out how to get along with people and still get their own needs met.
You can guide your children through the bad times and help them reach the good times by:
  • Expecting that they can learn from their bad behavior;
  • Correcting them without telling them with words or actions that they are a failure;
  • Enforcing consequences that make sense in connection with the bad behavior
    and doing so in a matter-of-fact way;
  • Teaching them what good behavior looks like; and
  • Looking forward to the people your children are becoming.
Inspired by GEORGE UPSIDE DOWN  by Meghan McCarthy
More about how kids develop:  Meet Kids Where They Are 

What do you think?

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