Loving Your Kids DOES NOT Mean …

Parenting Thoughts

Six Things Loving Your Kids DOES NOT Mean:
  1. Making your kids so much the center of attention that they rule the household.
  2. Giving your kids so many things that they are never satisfied and don’t really know how to value and take care of their things.
  3. Failing to set reasonable rules so that your kids can learn what it takes to get along in the world and stay out of trouble.
  4. Excusing or ignoring bad behavior so often that your kids never learn that their behavior has consequences.
  5. Saving your kids so often from feeling normal sadness and disappointment that they are not sure how to pick them themselves up and keep going after a setback.
  6. Saying yes so much and allowing so many privileges that your kids expect to always be happy and satisfied.
Inspired by HOMEMADE LOVE by Bell Hooks
For more information about love with no strings attached: Love with No Strings Attached

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